A Proposal to Solve Puerto Rico’s Crisis and Mexico’s Border Wall

2 min readOct 7, 2017


From Hurricane Maria and from financial debt, Puerto Rico continues to bleed. Rebuilding itself is going to put it further in debt, which currently is around $90B.

The power infrastructure and all infrastructure has been severely damaged — thestar.com

We can solve the funding issue of the Mexico-US border wall and the task of rebuilding Puerto Rico in one masterstroke.

Give Puerto Rico to Mexico.

Mexicans have just proved themselves as good as, if not better than Americans, at relief. Hispanics will help each other faster. They can communicate better with their leaders and ensure delivery of tacos and more, in addition to paper towels.

Mexico just needs to absorb the debt, they get the land for free. And the US will have $90B for the wall. They will also save money on relief.

Wall prototype— nbcnews.com. See another windows design here.

The problem of some of Puerto Rico’s population not wanting to move to Mexico can be easily solved. The English Purity test can be used to relocate those who don’t speak any Spanish. If any member of a household speaks Spanish then they are not eligible to migrate. For around $100M, some government agency will be happy to go thru all phone call records and tap all phones to figure out all Spanish speakers.

For another $100M or so, the US government can hire contractors to destroy all US passports and IDs and let the Mexican gov’t take on the task of providing new IDs. This will generate many jobs on both sides of the border.

This is a win for Mexico and a win-win-win for US since Americans can continue to visit or buy land in Puerto Rico without needing visas.

If Mexico balks, we can offer Puerto Rico to Cuba or any of the other island nations, or give it to Spain.




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