I have one big question. As a non-virus-expert, it strikes me that having the lab virus and the blueprint (protocol) of its design, it would tremendously help create any medicines (not only vaccines) to defend against it, and confirm how it is transmitted, etc. So unless, a virologist convinces me otherwise, if there was even 25% chance (seems like its at least 67%) that it was man-made, we needed to get to the origin and get a sample and the blueprints to help control the spread, and help the infected.

It would be worth it to storm a building in a foreign country for this. For all of humanity.

Of course, there is a sinister line in this thinking. By publicly not knowing how it spreads, one can institute lockdowns, mask-wearing, allow all kind of fear and panic to spread faster than any virus. And by privately having the blueprints one can create vaccines and gain profits and recognition as if it was invented from scratch.



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