A Bulletproof Windows Plan To MAGA

The program makes our lives safer, restores the economy, creates jobs, and reduces global warming in one masterstroke.

2 min readOct 8, 2017

The Republicans have come together and figured out how to make Make America Great Again on the ashes of the Las Vegas tragedy. Unlike earlier responses to shootings by leaders (which were virtually none), they have proposed a brilliant new plan (detailed by Allan Ishac) within days of the incident.

Here is how the new ‘Bulletproof Windows’ plan beautifully solves so many of our problems:

  1. Safety: Bulletproof windows will make our lives safer. And terrorists (or ‘lone wolves’) trying to shoot thru them will see their bullets ricochet into themselves …
  2. Economic Boom: Instead of plans to improve public infrastructure that languish within slow moving agencies, its easier to dole out the same money to private building operators, who will immediately spend it. MAGA — America can now become a world leader in manufacturing glass. Corning stocks have already soared at the announcement.
  3. Create Jobs: In addition to the jobs in manufacturing glass, imagine the number of people needed to replace all the glass windows in all the skyscrapers in USA. Youngsters can even bypass college to get lucrative jobs immediately. Jobs with a view, exciting rides, insurance, and a beer at the end of a fixed (and shorter) work day.
  4. Global Warming: Environmentalists have been telling us for decades how much energy skyscrapers consume. If we increase insulation and reflective hazing on the new glass, it will reduce cooling and healing and save energy. The new EPA will be happy to support this plan, in case global warming is real.
  5. Mexico Border Wall: Bonus — we can use the millions of removed windows to construct a wall at hugely lower costs. This also eliminates waste going to landfills and creates even more jobs. Environmentalists and economists can both rejoice. And we get a wall that we can see thru and shoot thru — an improvement over the Great Wall of China.

Looking forward to a smooth passage and immediate execution of this plan.

ps: Microsoft and Gates Foundation are supporting this plan by not pursuing trademark issues with ‘Windows’.