Start Earth Month, End Earth Hour

3 min readApr 21, 2020

We have done many Earth Hours. We are now aware. Aware of the Earth.

We are now aware of how we are pillaging it. And that we have not slowed down a bit. Not since the introduction of the Earth Hour. Or Earth Day. In fact, we have accelerated our rape of the Earth. More species are becoming extinct. Climate change is coming faster. And now we finally feel the limits to how much land is left to pillage.

We are also aware what stopping pillaging for one month can do. What Nature can do if we let her breathe.

So lets stop Earth Hour please. And Earth Day. Lets start Earth Month. An hour means nothing to Nature. A month seems to mean something to her. Her peoples can breathe, sing, dance, grow. Maybe rejoice for a moment.

If we want to honor Nature, we need to learn and do something that she recognizes. Let us mark this past month to be the first Earth Month. Lets agree to have another next year, and every year after. Before we return to our plundering ways.

. . . <end of part 1> . . .

In this brief period of rest, our plans seem to be set. Oil pipelines, mines, highways, rails lines … on and in and thru the last of our forests managed by Nature or some wise tribal communities on her behalf. When lockdown is over, we are planning to return, with a vengeance.

Wonder why we feel vengeance? Do you think its fair? We have rested for 1 month, so should we go ahead and plunder for the next 11 months?

If you don’t think its fair, lets talk.

. . . <end of part 2> . . .

Lets talk about restructuring the economy.

So that when we all finally buy just what we need, a man-made economy blossoms and does not collapse.

Its easy, all we have to do is the move the signs on some items. From positive to negative for some, from negative to positive for others. Some items we can move from numerator to denominator and vice versa.

For example, war should not increase the economy. It should reduce it. That is, if we want more peace.

Waste should not increase the economy, it should decrease it. That is, if we want less pollution.

Planting trees should increase the economy, cutting trees should reduce it. That is, if want more greenery and oxygen.

Disease (and its treatment) should reduce the economy, not increase it. That is, if we want to be healthy.

Obesity should not increase the economy, but decrease it. That is, if we want to lose some weight.

Feeding the starving should increase the economy. Feeding the full should reduce it. That is, if we want more equity.

Reuse should increase the economy. That is, if we like things to last and waste less.

Repair should increase the economy. That is, if we want our people to learn skills and understand the stuff they use.

Polluting water should cost money, purifying water should also cost. That is, if we want naturally clean water to remain clean.

Polluting the land and the oceans should hurt. That is, if we can admit that we do not know how to clean up our mess.

Making a species extinct should cause pain. A lot of pain. That is, if we want life to be fair. And if we want to be humble.

. . . <end of part 3> . . .

We have to change what we measure positively and what we measure negatively.

Its that simple.

Simpler than a virus.

Much more simpler than a vaccine. Though, much less profitable today. But maybe we change our profitability equation tomorrow?

. . . <beginning of part 5> . . .