Auroville Is The Future India Needs

1. An Oasis for Humanity

A banyan tree was chosen to be the centre of Auroville. It has spread out gloriously and created a beautiful space underneath for contemplation, grounding, and offering. It is seen and experienced as a marvel of Nature. Next to it, a large golden dome was erected enclosing a meditation chamber. This is seen annually by over a hundred thousand visitors as a marvel of humankind. These two marvels visually define Auroville.

Photo: Deepthi Indukuri

2. Work and Serve and Grow

A few thousand people have travelled from all over the world to help realize Auroville’s dream. Thru their dedication and amazing efforts by local labour, the Matrimandir was built. The banyan tree has also grown and from these two marvels have spiralled out millions of trees and many buildings.

3. Serve the World — Be a Model

Rejecting an offer from the state to acquire land, Aurovilians started buying land with the support of individuals. Despite some speculation and corruption, Auroville has managed to acquire 87% of the land in its core circle and 35% of the surrounding ‘green’ belt.

Full moon rising over Auroville

The Situation of the State and Country

Auroville sits in the state of Tamil Nadu, the oldest culture living in India. Its history has troves of achievements, both spectacular and practical. But market forces have wreaked havoc on a land of gentle people, of cleansing waters.

What India Needs To Do

The country is facing several crises, that it so far has managed to push into the shadows, distracting people with bright screens. Water scarcity, water quality, air pollution, climate change, sewage, garbage, plastic waste, are just some of the visible physical problems. Breaking of community, isolation with screens as company, weakening of family bonds, and addictions are some of the social problems prevalent. With disenchanted youth exhibiting less and less interest in the divinity of the human, and many turning towards fundamentalism and intolerance, spiritual problems have also been manifesting in the subcontinent.

How Auroville Can Help

In 1970, India’s population was about 550 million with less than 20% urban. In 2022 the population of 1.4 billion is, unofficially, more than 40% urban with most rural dependent on urbanites for income. The cities have exploded without infrastructure — without water, sewage, electricity, roads, and garbage — and they are in crises. Air pollution, water quantity and quality, sewage buildup, garbage build-up, traffic, noise, … no city offers a better quality of life tomorrow than today. The seductive screen keeps people indoors and passive, tolerating a worsening world, with the hope that future technology will save them.

What Auroville Needs To Do

Auroville has to overcome internal and external hurdles.



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