The Year of Receiving

  • A grant early in the year to continue my work in water at its own slow pace.
  • Tickets to visit the US for a wonderful reunion.
  • Super hospitality extending into deep friendship in Paris.
  • Hospitality par excellance in Boston.
  • Rejuvenating friendship in Seattle.
  • Inexplicable hospitality and deep support on Lopez Island.
  • Astounding generosity in the Bay Area: homes, cars, furniture, kitchenware, …
  • Neighborliness in Oakland.
  • Meditative company across the Bay Area.
  • A nice vacation at a South Indian hill-station.
  • A pilgrimage in Gujarat.
  • The time to watch sons blossom into adults.
  • Continuous leaking of rainwater tanks, despite the attention and bills from contractors.
  • Deep scrutiny by an official from the Income Tax department.
  • Silence from old friends.
  • Construction in neighborhoods that threaten the future.



writing, socializing, meditating, writ…

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