You and me by Ravidas

तोही मोही मोही तोही अंतरु कैसा
कनक कटिक जल तरंग जैसा
जउ पै हम न पाप करंता अहे अनंता
पतित पावन नामु कैसे हुंता
तुम्ह जु नाइक आछहु अंतरजामी
प्रभ ते जनु जानीजै जन ते सुआमी
सरीरु आराधै मो कउ बीचारु देहू
रविदास सम दल समझावै कोऊ

You and me, me and you: where is the gap between us?
We are like gold and a bracelet, water and a wave.
If I did not sin, O Infinite Lord,
how could they call you ‘Redeemer of Sinners’?

You are my Master, you are my Inner-witness,
but gods are known by their followers, people by their lord.
May this poor manifestation get a clarification,
our interplay leaves me in confusion.




meditating, writing, socializing, meditating, writ…

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meditating, writing, socializing, meditating, writ…

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